Branding and Graphic Design

Branding for New Businesses

Over the years of work with a variety of businesses that we branded, we have gained a great deal of experience and developed a tremendous affinity for branding. In such a competitive world, where information flows like water and competition only grows stronger every day, branding is a key element in business success.

Correct business branding requires to establish a strategy and guiding principles for the brand, characterize the target audience and accurately design the portfolio of products associated with the business – from logo and letterhead design to website and Facebook page design, and so on. Branding implemented correctly will create a prominent presence in the market.

Your customer won’t waste more than three seconds to choose either your services or those of the competitors… There is no time to dawdle.

Branding for Existing Businesses

Whether your business needs a facelift or your current branding is obsolete and requires a complete makeover to keep pace with emerging competitors, or even if you are not satisfied with your current design – we are here for you. One of our most prominent branding projects for existing businesses is the one we carried out for the Kakao chain of coffee shops that operates over 40 branches across the country.

Graphic Design

Our studio efficiently provides a courteous, individual service in real-time according to customer needs. We develop concepts, as well as design and prepare contents for print, in addition to producing a variety of products, such as catalogs, brochures, books, packaging, websites, applications, landing pages, billboards, menus and more. We support your vision from concept to actual production.


We offer convenient payment options that will allow you to establish the brand you have always wanted.

As of today, anyone can start a business and brand it at the highest level without compromising the quality, even under significant budget restrictions. The new leasing method of Media Eaters allows you to enjoy an international-level branding for a low monthly payment that won’t be a strain on your pocket.

Our Works

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