digital marketing strategy

Good marketing depends on the right timing, adaptation to the target audience, improvement on the go and especially planning ahead, so we are ready for anything.

Our cannibalism team will help you plan your long-term marketing moves. Together we will characterize the service your business offers, we will mingle the market and adjust advertising on the various platforms to maximize sales and meet your goals.

Experience of over 14 years in increasing digital sales

Not to say that “there is no wise man with experience.” We have many years of experience since the opalin period in which in order to publish it had to take a few weeks a page in a printed newspaper in a few thousand shekels or to reserve huge sums in order to advertise on television. Even during periods when the effectiveness of advertising was not measurable and we would throw the wait in the hope that something would be caught and the action would translate itself into a sale. Together we knew Google, together we started Facebook and when the young audience began to abandon to Instagram and WhatsApp we evolved there as well. When content became the dominant king in the advertising swamp we accepted the burden of his majesty and also learned the advertising platforms Tabula and Outbrain and so, for the past 14 years, we have grown along with the biggest changes experienced by the advertising world and on our flesh we have learned what works and what is less and how important writing the pre-strategy for marketing operations is and how important planning lies ahead.

If you are interested in examining the possibilities of working together, leave us your details and we will be happy to get back to you.

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