Tips for proper conduct in digital marketing


marketing platforms are complex and over the years become upgraded, have more complicated algorithms and make the best advertising professionals (who don’t keep up to date with all the innovations), get lost and not succeed in achieving their goals.
This article was created to organize and help you understand what digital is, what you are supposed to achieve with good and proper work, and especially to get your attention to the issues that are important for you to pay attention to.
Brand strategy!.!.! Many business owners work without a brand strategy they prepared ahead of time, long before they began to market. Working without a brand strategy misses the entire goal, which is: achieving results with repeated analysis and control every month so that results can be improved from quarter to quarter.
So true, building a quality brand strategy costs money but I assure you that this payment you will pay at the outset will save you a great deal of money in the future.
After all, each brand has its own character and unique needs and the owners/ entrepreneurs have a very big influence on how their brand behaves. Every brand strategy starts by asking the right questions: Analyze the company, The services / products and the market in order to map all the meetings and define which of the sessions constitute good experiences and which do not, make in-depth conversations between you, with the employees, with colleagues, conduct various types of studies, examine the competitors, conduct real-time experiences and even field tours – all in order to analyze and anticipate as many situations as possible simulating the complete customer experience alongside presenting the vision of brand behavior in each situation.
Only after you’ve finished building a meticulous brand strategy will you hit the road with your marketing moves because only then can you figure out who your target audience is, what you want and can achieve and all you can do is allocate the resources and do it.
Get out of the rat trap!.!.! A few prepoints before I expand on this topic: !.!.! 1. Digital is a wide and large field, which over the years has become more complex!.!.! 2. Facebook and Instagram are supposedly free marketing platforms where anyone can log in and do what they want: write posts, upload photos from their mobile, click on post boosts and more
3. Digital companies are like fish in the sea – many, varied, with different characteristics and price lists but all of them more or less, the business owner who does not understand too much – look the same.
Now, I’m going to move on to the main thing: !.!.! Most small and medium-sized business owners are in a constant mousetrap.
What do I mean, !.!.! Most new businesses that open do not take into account in advance the investment required in favor of growing the business. They deal in their amazing product or wonderful service or even how talented they are but few examine their ideal customer and the way they need to do to achieve as much as he does and make their business resentful. This creates a situation that even if they invest NIS 1000 a month in their marketing, they do not achieve the desired results and the expenses of the business increase, personal life costs quite a bit and map there, a year passes and a deficit of NIS 12000 is created that did not lead to any growth and more, only exacerbated the state of the business. Imagine businesses going on like this for years and what damage was done.
Marketing is long overdue not only image work, digital marketing means defining the results and constantly improving them. If you allocate NIS 1,000 for marketing work a month for a year and your advertising budget doesn’t increase – it’s a red light and something’s wrong! And, if you had invested the money correctly, you would have produced results and your advertising budget would have increased. The productions were more professional, video would come into play, your site was more advanced and easy to use, you would set up a sales lineup for repeat customers and improve the sales ratio so if that doesn’t happen – something is wrong and you have to go back to basics and see what needs to be improved.

Orientation map in various price lists for digital services on the !.!.! Between 500-1500 NIS per month!.!.! At these prices you will be managed by your neighbor’s cousin, the brother of your wife’s 10-year-old boyfriend or, at best, a junior employee in a business that does this as an income supplement. These will write you posts, upload an ad once in a while but none of the actions will yield results. The business will continue to exist if the rest of its foundations are good but in terms of increasing sales and effective use of Facebook and Instagram – nothing will happen. Certainly nothing significant. If he wants luck, you’ll get into a celeb case that will post instead and it will give the business a lot of exposure and a one-time jump in all the data but nothing more.
At these prices, even if there are offices that manage your marketing – it’s a compromise for you because they will never give you what you expect which is an unequivocal growth in brand revenue.
Over 2500 NIS a month!.!.! These prices will manage you or recognized brand managers who have collected an impressive résumé in social media marketing or advertising agencies with professional teams and are capable of performing a wide range of jobs for you, including: campaign management, content writing, graphic design, special content productions on various subjects, detailed reports that accurate the work processes and make sure that you do not stop in the middle of the ascertion and stand still. Not all service providers and offices are good, but they should certainly provide you with a world of originality, creativeness and feed you information about the ways you have to increase your brand. The more you do for your brand (photography, video, advanced graphic design, targeted campaigns, landing pages and more) – the more you will pay but I assure you that any professionally managed expenses will justify itself and bring itself back.
The world of content creators – digital marketing in 2020!.!.! You’ve seen a brand’s Instagram that you’ve really liked its feed. You immediately returned to your torch and said to yourself ” how bad we look” is usually why businesses and companies move from an advertising agency to another advertising agency, losing very important information and extensive experience gained on them at the digital agency that handled them and starting from scratch elsewhere.
Solution? Conduct a comprehensive investigation and locate the content creator he created for the brand you liked and hire his !.!.! And be willing to pay to look like a million dollars.
A lot of times we come across amazing productions that took place for different brands and when we say wow, we are quick to recommend our customers produce a special and interesting production with the same talented artist and the network is full of content creators so talented and for me, it is the job of the advertising agency to make sure that the brands are the most up-to-date and most popular.
In this section I must also address the importance of your involvement in the digital marketing of the business.
Most business owners and marketing managers are indifferent in the ongoing stages of work and are not enthusiastic about getting involved. The customer’s involvement in what is being done for him and his opinion on the actions being taken are a very important component of the success of working together.
The business owner has extensive experience and extensive understanding in the field in which he deals and this knowledge is worth gold.
If you are holding a marketing system start interfering with what is happening today and experience your opinion. Of course, let the office that manages you take the professional decisions and follow its instructions, but be sure to enrich it in your content world because that’s the only way your messages will move perfectly on to potential customers.
Is there anything else you’d like to know about this, open questions you have !.!.! Write to us and we will be happy to write an article on the subject!

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