Sponsored Campaigns

What does it actually mean?

Every business needs a marketing boost to attract lots of customers within a short period of time, as well as a lead generation funnel composed of people looking for a product/service offered by the business. This is the exact purpose of sponsored campaigns.

In sponsored campaigns, the audience is carefully selected and targeted continuously, while appealing to potential customers directly.

This is the perfect solution for those who want to achieve quick results with a predefined budget, while targeting customers with the highest potential.

Sponsored Advertising on Facebook and Instagram

Boosted Facebook ads is all about the difference between getting the most out of your activity on this platform and not getting results at all. This constantly evolving field grows daily by thousands of advertisers, who gain a target audience segmented by demographic characteristics, such as location, age, gender, areas of interest and even web browsing behavior patterns.

Sponsored Facebook campaigns focus on relevant audiences and require a predefined budget, while being tailored to products/services of a particular business and its target audience.

Sponsored Advertising on Google and YouTube

Sponsored ads on Google allow to increase traffic to a targeted website or landing page immediately, based on the budget set by the business. Google advertising carried out with Google AdWords creates awareness and exposure on Google search engines and many other websites known as “affiliates”, and is considered one of the most significant tools in digital advertising.

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