Content Writing & Copywriting

The company’s profound expertise in unique, campaign-tailored content writing and copywriting, allows a distinct presence across a variety of digital platforms, while the main ones are Instagram and Facebook.

We provide this service to our diverse clientele engaged in various fields and industries, while we expertly identify and target the customer’s audience by creating a unique, modern, refreshing brand language and highlighting the product/service characteristics, while differentiating the customer’s business from its competition.

Considering that currently, hundreds of similar type businesses are striving to draw their website visitors‘ attention, it is no longer possible to rely solely on technical, banal product descriptions or boring, “have a wonderful day” style posts.

We target prospects and draw their attention to the product by creating target audience-tailored content and building a unique language that allows to establish an authentic connection between the two parties, which leads to long-term interest and engagement.

We turn disloyal, one-time customers into enthusiasts who stay up-to-date with new products, updates and offers.


Cannibalz builds a language that builds a brand – this is our specialty, and we would be happy to review the option of doing this for you as well.

Our Works

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